Boosting Organic Traffic for Wax is Dead

A 63.46% Increase in traffic and 253.99% increase in revenue for a global vehicle protection brand.

Wax is Dead Website Design

Client Overview

Wax is Dead is a UK-based manufacturer and supplier of ceramic coatings. They provide high-quality vehicle protection and detailing solutions for professional and consumer markets.

Wax is Dead required a state-of-the-art website redesign to establish itself as a premier player in the ceramic coating industry.

Project Goals

The primary objectives for this project were to increase the number of leads from detailing companies, increase the consumer shop conversion rate, improve the handling of ceramic coating application warranties, and simplify the order purchasing process for detailing studios.

Key Features and Functionalities

This project required a variety of bespoke features. These included custom product videos and photography to showcase the quality of the coatings and products, a mobile responsive design to cater to all users and a dedicated order page for business customers that lists products in a table for easy bulk ordering.

A custom warranty registration form was also developed, which alerts staff of new submissions and stores entries in a searchable database integrated into the website’s backend dashboard. This facilitates easy access and management of records.

Finally, an interactive installer finder tool was developed to help customers locate their nearest certified installer, and showcase Wax is Dead’s global reach.

Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge was creating a site that catered to two different audience types: business and consumer customers. The site should be easy to navigate and simple for users to locate information.

To overcome this, careful planning of the site’s structure and layout was required to produce a user-friendly result that effectively served both audience types.


The new website has proven to be highly successful. It has led to a 63.46% increase in search traffic, a 253.99% increase in revenue, and a six-fold increase in B2B leads.

The site’s unique design and improved business processes have enhanced Wax is Dead’s business operations and customer relationships.


"We hired Richard to redesign our website and ecommerce store. He was brilliant to work with and took the time to fully understand what we wanted. He involved us throughout the entire process and made us feel part of the project, which was refreshing. We couldn't be happier with the result, with customers telling us how easy the website is to use, shop sales increasing, and we are getting more business leads."

Olly Hopwood
Director of Operations

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