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About Me

Freelance Website Designer

My mission is to create websites that make it easy for my clients to grow revenue and profit faster.

Hi, I'm Richard

I’m based in the coastal town of Bognor Regis, West Sussex, where I specialize in creating WordPress websites for local businesses, national brands, and even clients around the world.

I’m not what you would call a typical website designer. Unlike most website designers who might specialize in a few key areas, my expertise is comprehensive thanks to 12+ years of running a number of person projects that have allowed me to learn everything from SEO and PPC to affiliate marketing and conversion rate optimization.

This broad experience helps to set me apart from everyone else and has been integral to my track record of assisting clients in expanding their businesses. It’s this very background that gives me the confidence to help your business flourish as well.

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Freelance Website Designer in Bognor Regis

My journey so far


I took my first step into the digital world by creating my own dropshipping website. This was a pivotal moment that sparked my interest in the vast possibilities of the internet.

I founded an internet marketing forum that quickly gained traction, with thousands of active members from around the globe. The forum became a hub for sharing digital marketing insights and strategies.



Between 2011 and 2017, I acquired a wealth of knowledge in various areas, including SEO, digital advertising, copywriting and conversion rate optimization, to name a few. This helped me generate millions of pounds for my affiliate partners, including Amazon, Sky and Google. This period was instrumental in shaping my skill set and preparing me for future endeavours with clients.

I designed my first client website (and still a client to this day). This experience validated my skills and gave me a taste of what it’s like to deliver professional services, setting the stage for future client engagements.



I’ve been fortunate to help grow the businesses of clients worldwide, and my vast experience in the digital space has helped accelerate their results. The best part is I can help you too. Ready to get started? Let’s talk

What I Bring To The Table

As a freelance website designer I provide a personal service that’s underlined by my dedication to everything I do.

Strong Client Relationships

I believe in building lasting relationships with my clients. You can trust in a great working partnership and feel confident in the results I deliver.

Direct Communication

When you work with me, you communicate directly with the designer. This means faster decisions, clearer communication, and no middlemen.

WordPress Expertise

I specialize in WordPress design and development, delivering sites that harness the platform's full potential. You're in the hands of a dedicated expert.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Being freelance allows me to offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. Get agency-level design at a lower cost.

Expertise & Passion

With 12+ years industry experience, I bring a blend of expertise and genuine passion to every project, ensuring the best results for your online presence.

Timely Delivery

I respect your timelines. With a streamlined work process, expect your website to be up and running without unnecessary delays.


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