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Empowering a Manchester Property Management Company

Client Overview

Abode is a Manchester-based property management company and lettings agent that prides itself on helping landlords maximize their return on investment. Recognizing the need for a brand refresh and a new marketing and SEO strategy, Abode approached me with existing mockup designs for its new website. My role was to bring these designs to life, transforming them into a fully functioning, responsive website on the WordPress platform.

Project Goals

The primary objective of this project was to create a website that had the specific functionality Abode required to execute its lead generation strategy effectively. This was not just about turning a design into reality; it was about developing a platform that could actively support Abode’s business objectives and contribute to its growth.

Key Features and Functionalities

The project’s key features were carefully designed to provide Abode with a platform that allowed for effective lead generation and comprehensive user interaction tracking. These included the development of a responsive design from their site mockups, ensuring that the site would perform optimally on all devices. A multi-step lead gen form was integrated with Google Maps for address validation, providing a user-friendly interface for potential clients and ensuring the accuracy of submitted information. The site was also integrated with “Active Campaign CRM” to capture leads in a GDPR compliant way, ensuring that Abode could build its client base while adhering to data protection regulations.

Challenges and Solutions

The biggest challenge was ensuring the site was fully integrated with a 3rd party CRM called Active Campaign. Integration was required through forms and live chat service while maintaining GDPR compliance. This required careful planning and execution to ensure that all data captured through the site was handled correctly. Abode also wanted the live chat to open through an external button on the site, which required the development of custom JavaScript code. Despite these challenges, through careful development and rigorous testing, I was able to deliver a site that met all of Abode’s requirements.


The outcome is a unique, fully responsive website that provides Abode with all of the requested features and functionality to take their lead generation to the next level. The site not only looks great but also serves as a powerful tool for Abode’s marketing and SEO strategy, helping them to attract and engage with potential clients more effectively. The successful completion of this project has positioned Abode to leverage their online presence for business growth, demonstrating the power of a well-designed, functional website.

"Throughout our web site development, Richard was a great communicator, knowledgeable, willing to solve problems that arose with a positive outlook and worked at great speed. Thank you from us all at Abode."

Jay Puddy

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